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Reduce Side Effects

Reduce the Side Effects of Shaving

Side_Effects_of_ShavingLike many things today, shaving has some side effects that you have to watch out for. Improper shaving technique, dull blades and sensitive skin can lead to these uncomfortable problems:
– Cuts and abrasions
– Irritation and redness
– Stinging and burning
– Razor burn, ingrown hairs or razor bumps

Face Skin Care’s Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream has been specially formulated to minimize these side effects. Our high-quality, therapeutic ingredients desensitize and lubricate the skin, allowing for a close, smooth, comfortable shave.

Your shaving cream should act as a barrier between your skin and the razor. Typical shaving creams don’t lubricate enough, often removing too much skin along with the hair. Learn how to get the perfect shave with Face Skin Care.

Common Side Effects of Shaving

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