A man with sensitive skin trying to avoid the side effects of shaving.

Like many things today, shaving has some side effects that you have to watch out for. Improper shaving technique, dull blades, and sensitive skin can lead to these uncomfortable problems:

  • Cuts, nicks, and abrasions.
  • Irritation, itching, and redness.
  • Stinging and burning.
  • Razor burn.
  • Ingrown hairs.
  • Razor bumps / pseudofolliculitis barbae.
  • Irritant contact dermatitis.
  • Inflamed hair follicles / folliculitis.

Your shaving cream should act as a barrier between your skin and the razor. Typical shaving creams don’t lubricate enough, often removing too much skin along with the hair. Face Skin Care’s Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream has been specially formulated to minimize these side effects. Our high-quality, therapeutic ingredients desensitize and lubricate the skin, allowing for a close, smooth, comfortable shave. Learn how to get the perfect shave with Face Skin Care. 

Common Side Effects of Shaving

Okay, which brings us to minimizing the side effects of shaving. I’d like to start with, we’re gonna look at razor burn, nicks and cuts, ingrown hairs, and rash and redness. I’d also like to get if time an explanation from you of what each of those four conditions are and then how to minimize or prevent those from happening if possible. So we’ll start with razor burn.

I think we touched on this. It’s said razor burn can we reduce greatly if you use a good shave cream, that offers a lot of lubrication. The more lubrication the better. And, we like to couple that with a real sharp blade.

Okay, and when we were talking earlier you mentioned about making a one pass, you know the more likely…

Yeah, the least passes you can make on shaving the better. So ideally, you want to be doing clean strokes and rather than short jabs.

Okay, and the short jabs tend to cause the nicks and the cuts and the and the razor burn because you take a lot more skin…

And keep repeating over the same area of skin.

Okay, so in the nix and cuts area is the…

The main reason why people cut themselves shaving it’s cuz this they’re in a rush, trying to get to work, and they’re doing trying to get a quick shave and in the end it doesn’t work. When you shave and you need to slow down, relax, enjoy the shave, take your time, and give yourself a nice clean proper shave.

From your perspective, for the average guy at home that’s shaving, how long should it take them to shave.

I would say between five and ten minutes.

Okay, that’s standing in front of the mirrow.

Slow down in front of the mirror. Take your time and get yourself a nice smooth shave.

Okay, the next area I’d like to look at is ingrown hairs. You know and you see a lot of different individuals have what are called the bumps. You know, what is causing that?

Well, usually it’s a guy who’s got a curly beard, a tight curly beard will grow in. When you shave and you take off the the beard, it will sometimes grow in. It can be reduced if you use a sharp blade. I would say a guy who’s got a killer beard, use a new blade every time.

Okay, so to minimize that risk change your blade every time.

Use sharp blades.

Okay, and then the last area is rash and redness. You know, I look at myself, rash and redness is part of my life.

I think it affects different people at different levels; because, it’s down to how sensitive your skin is. If you’ve got sensitive skin you need to find a real natural shave cream and a moisturizer that’s gonna cause as least reaction as possible.

Is there anything that should not be in those creams?

I would stay away from anything with alcohol in it.

Okay, no alcohol, alcohols not your friend in this case, huh? No, we like it in our beer but not in our shaving cream.

So, do you have any final thoughts on on how to get that good close shave that we’re all looking for? Well I think like we said you need you need lubrication and a sharp blade. They’re the two most single important elements of a good shave.


As you undoubtedly know, shaving can result in a variety of side effects. Many, including razor bumps, are preventable with a sharp blade, careful shaving technique and a good-quality shaving cream. You don’t have to suffer with a face full of band aids, get a shave cream that will make shaving a breeze again.