Tips for Treating and Preventing Nicks and Cuts While Shaving

Tips for Treating and Preventing Nicks and Cuts While Shaving

Shaving should be a soothing, luxurious experience, but it is often seen as a terrible, painful chore thanks to nicks and cuts. Even seasoned veterans can succumb to the infrequent cut. It’s bound to happen, and we at Face Skin Care can help.


Most people who cut themselves while shaving immediately reach for the toilet paper, tearing off bits and applying them to the wound. While it gets the job done, the bleeding can take a long time to stop. It’s also easy to forget and walk out the door with the toilet paper still stuck to your face!

There are much better treatments for people who cut themselves shaving, including:

  • Cold water – This should be your first instinct. A dash of cold water will constrict the blood vessels, allowing the blood to clot. For stubborn cuts, upgrade to rubbing an ice cube against the cut.
  • Petroleum jelly – A dab of petroleum jelly creates a seal around the wound, stanching blood flow. Just make sure you wipe the jelly off before you head out.
  • Aftershave balms – Aftershaves generally contain alcohol, which acts as an astringent to slow down the bleeding. The antiseptic qualities will also keep infections at bay. Be warned: it will burn.
  • Styptic pencils – These handy little sticks are made of mineral astringents, like potassium alum, to seal blood vessels. These are incredibly effective. Simply wet the tip of the pencil, press it against your cut for a few seconds, and remove. The bleeding should stop immediately.

Preventing nicks and cuts while shaving

HMan shaving with Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream to avoid nicks, cuts, and razor bumps.ow about preventing nicks and cuts altogether? While you can still cut yourself with the most careful hand, there are plenty of things you can do to lower your chances.

  • Use a shaving cream with benzocaine or lidocaine. Lidocaine and benzocaine are numbing agents that actively soothe and cool your skin to reduce nicks and cuts. Lidocaine or benzocaine shaving cream can also effectively minimize the other side effects of shaving, including redness, razor burn, and general irritation. Face Skin Care’s formula includes lidocaine, which is the key ingredient.
  • Use a sharp blade. Dull blades often force people to apply extra pressure. Combine that with the fact that dull blades tend to pull and tear at the skin and follicles instead of slicing the whiskers and you have the perfect recipe for nicks, cuts, and razor burn. Keep your razor sharp.
  • Practice proper technique. When people are in a hurry, they tend to get sloppy with their technique. Slow things down, shave with the grain, and pull your skin tight with your free hand.

Face Skin Care offers an amazing solution for a close shave that leaves your face perfectly smooth and soft to the touch. Our shaving cream uses lidocaine and other therapeutic ingredients to ensure a comfortable, nick-free experience. See why so many people, like Greg’s Shaving Soap Reviews, have given Face Skin Care’s Ultimate Shave Cream such high praise.

If you need a solution for unpleasant shaves or an alternative to benzocaine shaving cream, give our product a try. Order our Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream today, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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