Shaving should be a soothing, luxurious experience! Get tips for shaving your sensitive skin.

Tips for Treating and Preventing Nicks and Cuts While Shaving

Shaving should be a soothing, luxurious experience, but it is often seen as a terrible, painful chore thanks to nicks and cuts. Even seasoned veterans can succumb to the infrequent cut. It’s bound to happen, and we at Face Skin Care can help. Treatment Most people who cut themselves while shaving immediately reach for the toilet paper, tearing off bits … Read More

Barbers who Blog: Craig the Barber

Craig Whitely is a full-time barber and owner of the Grooming Concierge, an on-location men’s grooming service located in Los Angeles, California. Professionally, he is known as Craig the Barber. Craig writes posts on all things shaving from products to techniques. He even has a post on Shaving 101: “Schools cover so many great topics. But nothing on shaving? Who’s … Read More

Shaving Cream and Razor Bumps

It is important for men to prepare the skin on their face before shaving to avoid cuts and razor bumps and burn. Washing your face with warm water and soap prior to shaving will soften the skin and hair that is present. It will also prevent the razor from scraping against the skin. To avoid razor bumps when shaving, you … Read More

Lubricant For Shaving

For a good, nice, comfortable shave we want to add moisture and lubrication. Those are the main elements. You want to wet your face quite a bit with warm water, warm to touch and warm on the face. That will help the shave foam or cream to lubricate. We want that blade to go over smooth over the face. When … Read More

History of Shaving

A man’s battle with facial hair has been around since the beginning of time and the art of shaving has evolved in many ways. From the wet shaving techniques passed down by grandparent to parent to son to the modern razors and shaving cream facial keeps evolving. In later days, men shaved by using organic soaps and creams along with … Read More