Shaving Tips for Sensitive Skin [Infographic]

Shaving can be painful for those with sensitive skin, but it doesn’t have to be. This discomfort can be caused by many things, including improper shaving technique or dull blades. Face Skin Care’s sensitive-skin saving tips will help you discover a happier, healthier face.

Tips for Treating and Preventing Nicks and Cuts

Shaving should be a soothing, luxurious experience, but it is often seen as a terrible, painful chore thanks to nicks and cuts. Even seasoned veterans can succumb to the infrequent cut. It’s bound to happen, and we at Face Skin Care can help. Treatment Most people who cut themselves while shaving immediately reach for the toilet paper, tearing off bits and applying them to the wound. While it gets the job done, the bleeding can take a long time to stop. It’s also easy to forget and walk out the door with the toilet paper still stuck to your face! There are much better treatments, including: Cold water – This should be your first instinct. A dash of cold water will constrict the blood vessels, allowing the blood to clot. For stubborn cuts, upgrade to rubbing an ice cube against the cut. Petroleum jelly – A dab of petroleum jelly creates a seal around the wound, stanching blood flow. Just make sure you wipe the jelly off before you head out. Aftershave balms – Aftershaves generally contain alcohol, which acts as an astringent to slow down the bleeding. The antiseptic qualities will also keep infections at bay. Be warned: it will burn. Styptic pencils – These handy little sticks are made of mineral astringents, like potassium alum, to seal blood vessels. These are incredibly effective. Simply wet the tip of the pencil, press it against your cut for a few seconds, and remove. The bleeding should stop immediately. Prevention How about preventing nicks and cuts altogether? While you can still cut yourself with the most careful hand, there are plenty of things you can do to lower your chances. Use a shaving cream with benzocaine or lidocaine. Lidocaine and benzocaine are numbing agents that actively soothe and cool your skin to reduce nicks and cuts. Lidocaine or benzocaine shaving cream can also effectively minimize the other side effects of shaving, including redness, razor burn, and general irritation. Face Skin Care’s formula includes lidocaine, which is the key ingredient. Use a sharp blade. Dull blades often force people to apply extra pressure. Combine that with the fact that dull blades tend to pull and tear at the skin and follicles instead of slicing the whiskers and you have the perfect recipe for nicks, cuts, and razor burn. Keep your razor sharp. Practice proper technique. When people are in a hurry, they tend to get sloppy with their technique. Slow things down, shave with the grain, and pull your skin tight with your free hand. Face Skin Care offers an amazing solution for a close shave that leaves your face perfectly smooth and soft to the touch. Our shaving cream uses lidocaine and other therapeutic ingredients to ensure a comfortable, nick-free experience. See why so many people, like Greg’s Shaving Soap Reviews, have given Face Skin Care’s Ultimate Shave Cream such high praise. If you need a solution for unpleasant shaves or an alternative to benzocaine shaving cream, give our product a […]

Face Skin Care Partners with Paul Fredrick

For Immediate Release   November 20, 2013, Celebration, FL—Face Skin Care is pleased to announce that its Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream is now being carried by Paul Fredrick, an exclusive online men’s retailer. This uniquely-formulated shave cream is available for purchase at and via the Face web site.   Formulated with lidocaine and other therapeutic ingredients, Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream numbs and cools the s-kin to provide a comfortable shave that prevents the irritation that normally occurs with lower-quality shaving products. “Men who suffer from razor burn or ingrown hairs often blame their razor, when really it’s the shaving cream that is causing the problem,” explains James Wood, Face Skin Care’s Vice President. “Our ingredients work together to reduce these problems.”   Paul Fredrick customers can purchase the product in a 3.4-ounce tube or 8-ounce jar. “We’re very excited to be partnering with Paul Fredrick,” states Wood. “They have a long-standing tradition of helping men look their best—and our product is the perfect finishing touch to a polished look.”   About Face Skin Care Your shave cream is the most important part of any shave. It can either help prevent shaving problems or make them much worse. Face Skin Care’s Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream is formulated with therapeutic and natural ingredients proven to reduce skin problems associated with shaving. Lidocaine and Eucalyptus Oil gently desensitize the skin to make shaving more comfortable and pain-free Zinc Oxide, along with Aloe, Oatmeal and other herbal extracts, soothe irritated skin to reduce inflammation and promote healing of blemishes and ingrown hairs Coconut and Shea Oils moisturize the skin to keep it looking healthy It is unscented and paraben-free, reducing reactions to fragrances and preservatives Learn more at   About Paul Fredrick Founded 25 years ago, Paul Fredrick’s goal is to remove the clutter and mystery from men’s dressing. Make it easy. So you can get on with more important things. Originally specializing in dress shirts, their collection has grown exponentially as has their number of satisfied long-term customers. Learn more at

Face Skin Care Supports Fisher House Foundation

Since 1990, Fisher House Foundation has provided a free “home away from home” for families of hospitalized military personnel. They currently operate 62 comfort homes in close proximity to treatment facilities, each fully furnished and able to house between 16 and 42 family members. In addition to the comfort homes, Fisher House also has programs to donate frequent flyer miles and hotel points to facilitate transportation and lodging. Face Skin Care is proud to support these efforts by donating a portion of all our sales to Fisher House. Order a tube or jar of Ultimate Comfort Skin Care shave cream today, and help us help Fisher House. Learn more about Fisher House Foundation at

Face Skin Care Tip: Use a Shaving Cream, Foam or Gel

Use a shaving cream or other lubricant when you shave. This goes for both men and women, since shaving is harsh on skin. If you do not treat your skin right when you shave, it will not look good. SVP, Face Skin Care: So let’s discuss shaving creams and foams, versus using a brush, versus using a cream itself. What are your thoughts? Neal: Well, for a barbershop shave, obviously we use the brush; we use a good quality brush. But I like to use a bath soap which will foam up nice and then I add a shave cream to it which usually has a bit more of a scent and it gives it a thicker texture. But at home, I would probably just use a cream. SVP, Face Skin Care: And the purpose of using shaving cream or a foam or a lotion is to do what? Neal: Is to lubricate. That’s probably the most important. Summary: When you shave, you should apply a quality shaving cream liberally. Try Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream by Face Skin Care the next time you shave and see if you notice a difference in the feel and quality of your shave.

Face Skin Care Presents: Shaving Tips for Women

Ladies, kiss razor burn, unwanted hair and cuts goodbye with these 7 simple tips that will help you get a smooth, close shave every time. Get yourself a sharp razor. Do NOT borrow one. Faces are more sensitive than legs, and shaving your legs can dull a razor enough to make your resident face-shaver pretty unhappy if you leave it for him. Exfoliate. The smoother your skin is when you shave it, the better your shave will be. Scrub off the dead skin and ingrown hairs. If you wait until the end of your shower, your skin will absorb more moisture and the dead skin will slough off more easily. Always shaving with warm water. Shaving with cold can give you goose bumps, which gives you an uneven surface to shave and makes cuts and razor burns more likely. Use Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream. You don’t need it to be an inch thick, but make sure you get good coverage – this is your first line of defense against cuts and razor burn. After you apply the shave cream, wait a few more minutes; this will help numb the skin slightly and soften the hair making it easier to remove. Place the razor flat against your leg and slide it gently in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Don’t go too fast or twist the razor quickly, as this can cause nicks and cuts. Be especially careful around knees and ankles – the angles make them difficult to shave without cutting them. Pat your legs dry and moisturize. Apply good, rich lotion to trap in moisture, prevent flaking and minimize irritation. Shaving removes dead skin cells; although that is a natural and healthy process, it is one that can make your skin extra sensitive, so you should apply body oil or a soothing moisturizer on your skin after shaving to achieve the smoothest and softest skin possible! Take care of any cuts immediately with antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Smooth legs are nice, but irritated or cut legs aren’t, so be careful and take your time.

Face Skin Care: A Better Shaving Experience with Less Irritation

Shaving is a very serious undertaking that most men and women are required to perform on a daily basis. For those that are keeping to the traditional methods of shaving, the daily ritual is a time that can be used to pamper your skin. Treating yourself to a wet shaving experience using high quality shaving cream and a manual razor, you are giving yourself a gift of skin care that electric razors cannot deliver. Through the use of a rich creamy lather of shaving cream men and women are able to help exfoliate their skin and clear away the dry dead skin as they are shaving. The purpose of lather is to stimulate the hair on the skin and raise it up so that the razor blades can do their job of cutting the hair as close to the surface of the skin as possible. With the aid of hot water that is applied to the skin (prior to the application of shaving cream) the pores are opened up and ready for the creamy lather that helps to clear away the stubble and leave the skin smooth to the touch. Benefits of Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream: Soothes the skin and softens the hair for a closer shave Rich lather for a shave with less drag High in emollience and natural ingredients Lessens skin irritation and cuts Will reduce these symptoms: Redness & irritation Ingrown hairs or razor bumps Painful shaving, burning & stinging Daily shaving tends to dry skin. Many over the counter products are available and have been specifically designed to treat all skin types. Good skin care can only be achieved using healthy products specifically designed to treat your skin type daily. Common skin problem types are: Sensitive skin (characterized by redness, a burning sensation, and a trend toward razor burn) Dry skin (may experience itching, tightness or a lack of elasticity) Acne or rash prone (characterized by pimples, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs) Oily skin (may experience acne, blemishes and excess sweating)

Reduce the Side Effects of Shaving with Face Skin Care

Like many things today, shaving has some side effects that you have to watch out for. When you shave in the wrong direction, or when your razor has dull blades, then this can lead to unwanted circumstances. Instead of going out looking fresh and clean, you may end up with some unwanted side effects: Cuts and abrasions Irritation and redness Stinging and burning Razor burn, ingrown hairs or razor bumps However, many side effects can be minimized by: Using a fresh razor blade Shaving on warm, wet skin Using Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream by Face Skin Care Avoiding pressing down with the razor Going out with a perfectly shaven face is only a few short steps away. So try Face Skin Care today, and avoid any harmful side effects of shaving.

Face Skin Care Presents: The History of Shaving

A man’s battle with facial hair has been around since the beginning of time and the art of shaving has evolved in many ways. From the wet shaving techniques passed down from father to son, to the modern razors and shaving cream, facial care keeps on changing. Men used to shave by using organic soaps and creams along with lather brushes to help the cream spread evenly under each whisker. They then shaved using the double-edged safety razor. These types of razors are made of metal with replaceable blades. Not only do they look better than the normal disposable razors, but they are also heavier allowing for a finer grip. Safety razors are heavy enough to trim the facial hair so it is not necessary to put much pressure on them while shaving. Shaving insists that you shave with the grain. Though shaving against it may prove to give a smoother shave, you are leaving yourself at risk for cuts and ingrown hair. Applying aftershave or simply cold water after shaving is a tradition that will never go out of style, since it helps to close up the pours and minimize infection. Manual shaving with a disposable razor has a slightly different feel than shaving with a safety razor. Still in line with the traditional art of shaving, you must shave downward or with the grain. After a few strokes, clean the shaving cream off the razor with flowing water to avoid clogging. After shaving, wash off excess shaving cream and go back to the areas you might have missed. Rinse with cold water and apply aftershave as usual. After disposable razors, came electric shavers. Electric shavers are small hand held devices that either run on batteries or electricity. They have differentiated shaving because a lot of them do not need the use of creams or soaps to give a smooth shave. Like any product you buy, you have to pick the right type for you. Some razors are better with short fine hair while some work better with long thick facial hair. Whichever way you want to shave your beard or any type of facial hair, remember that this practice has long been passed down for generation to generation. The history of shaving is shared by others who continue the routine every morning and greet the world with a clean and smooth face.

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Craig Whitely is a full-time barber and owner of the Grooming Concierge, an on-location men’s grooming service located in Los Angeles, California. Professionally, he is known as Craig the Barber. Craig writes posts on all things shaving from products to techniques. He even has a post on Shaving 101: “Schools cover so many great topics. But nothing on shaving? Who’s gonna help you with that…? Me of course!” Read the rest of the article at: