I was looking for a new option after using Kiehls for some time. I read about this product in a blog and gave it a go. I was very impressed by the closeness of my first shave. I am looking forward to using this again. 5 stars.


This is a wonderful product at an effective and cheap price point for the value. No razor bumps…this statement gives me such peace of mind.

Sam D

I’m very glad that I found this product. I was using a shaving cream by Lab Series but they came out with a new formula that didn’t contain benzocaine which I found really makes the shaving process less painful to sensitive skin. After doing some googling I came across Face Skin Cares Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream and I love it! It helps with my sensitive and now shaving isn’t something I dread to do! No more razor bumps and no more ingrown hairs, so thank you guys for making shaving so much easier.

Chris Barwick

I have always settled with a mainstream Nivea or Aveeno Sensitive skin shaving cream until I started doing a little research, and this was highly appraised and the sample was offered. If you spend 20 seconds massaging this onto your beard, I have been getting way closer shaves with no irritation. I had always accepted the fact that the bumps were something I would have to live with. But have shaved 4-5 times with this now and it’s amazing. Skin is very soft and the shave is close. Great product, thank you!


I had been using Lab Series exclusively for close to 30 years, and had been desperately searching for a replacement, ever since they have butchered the product! Hooray! I have finally found it in Face Skin Care Ultimate Shave Cream! This product leaves my face feeling better than that old stuff, and the Lidocaine works great! And they, as a company are a pleasure to deal with! Looking forward to seeing you in local stores soon. Thanks!

Scott K.