Use a Shaving Cream, Foam or Gel: Face Skin Care Tip

Use a Shaving Cream, Foam or Gel: Face Skin Care Tip

Use a shaving cream or other lubricant when you shave. This goes for both men and women, since shaving is harsh on skin. If you do not treat your skin right when you shave, it will not look good.

SVP, Face Skin Care: So let’s discuss shaving creams and foams, versus using a brush, versus using a cream itself. What are your thoughts?

Neal: Well, for a barbershop shave, obviously we use the brush; we use a good quality brush. But I like to use a bath soap which will foam up nice and then I add a shave cream to it which usually has a bit more of a scent and it gives it a thicker texture. But at home, I would probably just use a cream.

SVP, Face Skin Care: And the purpose of using shaving cream or a foam or a lotion is to do what?

Neal: Is to lubricate. That’s probably the most important.

Summary: When you shave, you should apply a quality shaving cream liberally. Try Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream by Face Skin Care the next time you shave and see if you notice a difference in the feel and quality of your shave.

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