History of Shaving

A man’s battle with facial hair has been around since the beginning of time and the art of shaving has evolved in many ways. From the wet shaving techniques passed down by grandparent to parent to son to the modern razors and shaving cream facial keeps evolving.

In later days, men shaved by using organic soaps and creams along with lather brushes to help the cream spread even under each whisker and makes the cream or soap more effective in giving a smooth shave. Last but not the least they use the double edged safety razor.

These types of razors are made of metal with replaceable blades. Not only do they look better than the normal disposable razors but they also weigh heavier for a finer grip. These safety razors are heavy enough to trim the facial hair so you will not need to put much pressure on them while shaving. The art of shaving insists that you shave with the grain.

Though shaving against it may prove to give a smoother shave, you are risking yourself to cuts and ingrown hair. Applying aftershave or simply cold water after shaving is a tradition that will never go out of style. It will help close up the pours and minimize infection.

The art of shaving has gone from these heavy razors to the light weight and disposable kinds.

Manual shaving with a disposable razor has a slightly different feel than what our great great great grandfathers used to. Before shaving, it is customary to wet the face with warm water and even hold a towel against the facial hair to make the hair softer. Shaving creams nowadays are used to lubricate the face and moisturize the face to make shaving easier and smoother. This substance also helps avoid razor burn during the shaving process.

It is applied in an upward circular motion on the beard area and the amount may vary with the thickness and amount of beard to be shaved off. Still in line with the traditional art of shaving, you must shave downward or with the grain. After a few strokes, clean the shaving cream off the razor with flowing water to avoid getting clogged. After shaving on all parts with cream, wash off excess shaving cream and go back to the areas you might have missed. Rinse with cold water and apply aftershave as usual.

After these disposable razors came the electric shavers.

They are still small hand held devices that either run on batteries or on electricity. Electric razors have indeed revolutionized the art of shaving because a lot of them do not need the use of creams or soaps to give a smooth shave. The thing with these types of shavers is that you have to pick the right type for you.

Some are better with just short and finer hair while some can work better with longer or coarse and thick facial hair. Whichever way you want to shave your beard or any type of facial hair, remember that this practice has long been passed down for generation to generation. Your manliness is shared by others who continue the shaving routine every morning to greet the world with a clean and smooth face.

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