Learn About Wet Shaving Over Dry Shaving Your Face With Shaving Cream

Choosing between wet and dry shaving is simple just the technique is a little different. When we talk about wet and dry shaving we are normally talking about men shaving their faces to remove facial whiskers. Wet shaving uses water and shaving cream to help glide the razor across your face while dry shaving is without water and usually uses some type of shaving cream only.

The only dry shaving I have experienced is when I go to the barber shop for a haircut. Towards the end of the haircut the barber usually will go to a little shaving cream machine. He takes from the machine some nice warm thick shaving cream that he applies to my sideburns as well as the back of my neck.

With a single bladed straight razor that looks like it was taken from “Jack the Ripper” he will shave the little left over hair and clean up my sideburns as well as the nape of my neck. I don’t know why I still get shivers when I see that straight razor.

When it comes to shaving facial whiskers then a wet shaving technique is recommended. A wet shave will help give a much more comfortable shave. A proper wet shaving technique will give you a close smooth shave without irritation.

It is important to wash your face with a mild soap and warm water to clean away any dirt and oil that collects in your pores and on the whiskers. The warm water also loosens the pores around the whisker to help you get a better shave taking more of the whisker closer to your skin. For this reason many men like to shave in the shower if they have time.

If you are at the sink then wash your face with warm water and soap and then keep your beard wet. Take your favorite shaving cream and lightly lather your beard. An even better way is to buy cake type shaving soap and a good brush to apply it. A good shaving soap will produce a rich lather that will soften your beard as well as moisturize your skin. This lets your razor effortlessly glide over your skin to cut the whisker very close to the skin with little to no irritation.

When you have finished shaving then it is time to apply a good after shave balm or toner. This helps close the pores around the whiskers that were opened up with the warm water. An after shave is an astringent as well as an antiseptic that soothes the skin and will prevent infection from any cuts from the razor blade.

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