Richard Loughlin

I was also a Lab Series user until they changed the product. I found your product and love it I ordered 5 tubes after trying it for the first time. Thanks again. 5 Stars!


After seeing this product on a “Best of 2013 Shave Products” list I decided to try it and I was most definitely impressed. I had read other reviews about the numbing ingredient in it and I never realized how much of a difference it really would make. It is by far the BEST shave I have ever experienced and this … Read More


I have tried all kinds of creams for sensitive skin and this is the best one yet. It is not thick and heavy yet leaves my face smooth. Come out of the razor easily and does not clog up the multi-blade units. It did such a great job I ordered 4 more just to make sure I don’t run out!

Johne A.

After using your Face Shaving Cream, I can only offer one word.. WOW! I’ve been dealing with the harsh realities of blade shaving for years and have tried nearly every shaving cream and/or gel on the market and none were much better than the others. But after a friend recommended your product I thought I would give it a reply. … Read More


Skin Care by Face’s Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream gave me the smoothest shave ever. My legs are super sensitive, but when I use this shaving cream I don’t get razor burn or irritation. I also noticed being able to get a better glide with no nicks or cuts!

Tim, CA

Another 20 year Lab Series customer that has made the switch to the Face Skin Care Shave Cream. This stuff is not only a great replacement but I think it’s even better!!! Thanks for a great product!!!

Rob In Denver, CO

I was a devoted consumer of Lab Series shave cream with benzocaine for over 20 years. For an unknown reason Lab Series took the “active ingredient” out of their new formula and for all of us who used the product faithfully for years this made the product far inferior to the original. The Face Skin Care Shave Cream is a … Read More


Have been looking for a replacement to the Lab Series shaving cream with benzocaine as well. After trying several, I am sticking with this one. The texture is great, save for the slightly grainy bits. It is thick enough to allow the same small amount of use. It allows for a very smooth and very comfortable shave. I have found … Read More


I used to use LAB until they took out the pain reliever. I was not able to properly shave until i found FACE and i can tell you that it works just the same. There is only 1 small issue i have with FACE is thickness. LAB went on like putty and stayed on, where as FACE goes on very … Read More

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BENEFITS OF USING FACE SKIN CARE SHAVE CREAM The therapeutic formula gently desensitizes the skin to make shaving more comfortable and pain-free Skin-soothing ingredients calm irritated skin to reduce inflammation and promote healing of blemishes and ingrown hairs A blend of oils moisturize the skin to keep it looking healthy

Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream Tube - shaving cream for sensitive skin
Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream Tube (Improved Design)

Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream soothes and desensitizes the skin while softening the hair for a closer shave with less drag. High emollience and natural ingredients decrease skin irritation and cuts for a better shaving experience. Beneficial for all skin types, Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream is specially formulated for men and women with sensitive skin. When applied in a thin layer, our tube lasts up to 25 shaves (and meets TSA guidelines for travel).… Read More

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