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Tips for Treating and Preventing Nicks and Cuts While Shaving

Shaving should be a soothing, luxurious experience, but it is often seen as a terrible, painful chore thanks to nicks and cuts. Even seasoned veterans can succumb to the infrequent cut. It’s bound to happen, and we at Face Skin Care can help. Treatment Most people who cut themselves while shaving immediately reach for the toilet paper, tearing off bits … Read More

Lidocaine vs. Benzocaine Shaving Cream: Face Facts

What are lidocaine and benzocaine? Lidocaine and benzocaine are two topical anesthetics that are commonly used in a wide variety of products like shaving cream (e.g., Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream, original formula), tooth pain preparations (e.g., Orabase, Anbesol) and sunburn preparations like (e.g., Solarcaine). Both decrease pain in the skin or mouth areas. What are common concentrations or … Read More