Why We Created Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream

By Jim Wood, SVP, Face Skin Care

In 1991, I was introduced to Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream (original formula) by my physician. My doctor pointed out that I was always walking into his office looking as if I had shaved with a lawn mower. For over 20 years, the “original” Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream was a staple in my shower and shaving kit as I traveled around the world. It delivered a high-quality, comfortable shave while at the same time reducing the irritation, redness, razor burn and—most of all—the PAIN associated with shaving. Who wouldn’t want all of that?

In late 2010, Lab Series made a decision to reformulate the product, removing its greatest asset: Benzocaine, which gently numbed and cooled the skin for a painless shave every time.

Whereas the original formula rated a consistent five stars among reviewers, reviews of the reformulated version of Lab Series.com rated this product as 2 stars on a 5 star scales. Reviewers complain about increased side effects like razor burn, irritation, redness and the pain associated with shaving.[1]

I tried the “new” version and personally experienced an increase in pain and razor burn. It was no better than the shaving cream you can buy in any drugstore at a fourth of the price. Ultimately, I returned the product, and was left looking for a replacement.

I embarked on a search for shaving creams with Benzocaine or Lidocaine to replace the Lab Series product that I had grown accustomed to using. I searched the Internet, department stores, and barbershops. I tested about 30 different products only to experience all of the side effects of shaving from 20 years ago. There was not a numbing shaving cream on the market that was an equal to the original Lab Series formulation.

Thus, we created Face Skin Care to embark on the development of a product that provides a high quality shave without the side effects. The product of our research and development is Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream. Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream is designed to give a quality barbershop shave while reducing the pain and skin irritation caused by shaving.

Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream uses lidocaine in place of the benzocaine. We made the decision to use lidocaine because it provided the same numbing effect as benzocaine, but is safer. We use high quality natural ingredients that lubricate and soften the beard for a closer shave. It is a white, odorless cream that results in a high level of lubrication, allowing the razor to glide across your skin—producing a comfortable shaving experience.

So if you are experiencing pain and irritation from shaving and want a higher quality barbershop experience, try Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream from Face Skin Care.

[1] http://www.labseries.com/product/4962/15893/SHAVE/RAZOR-SHAVE/Maximum-Comfort-Shave-Cream/index.tmpl#BVRRWidgetID

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