Sensitive Skin? Choose the Right Face Skin Care for You

Sensitive Skin? Choose the Right Face Skin Care for You

Ouch! Ever shave your face and have everything go pretty well until you nick your neck, and then you can’t seem to stop cutting yourself no matter how hard you try? Shaving is more than just an every day task—it’s an art form. And much like with any art, it requires the right supplies.

A Quality Shaving Cream

A quality shaving cream is something that everyone can afford. Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream provides a high level of protection for your skin from the razor blade while it moisturizes with a variety of natural oils and conditioners.

Your shaving cream, foam, or gel acts as a barrier between your skin and your razor blade. Most drug store shaving formulations consist of soaps or other chemicals. While soaps act as a lubricant, they also have a drying effect on your skin. The drying effect can lead to additional side effects like redness and dry, sensitive skin.

Protect Sensitive Skin

How to get a close shave while protecting sensitive skin.Some people have more sensitive skin than others and will react differently to different skin care products. A shave cream that contains more natural ingredients and has no alcohol, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy acids is optimal for sensitive skin. If one experiences discomfort while shaving, it could be caused by lack of lubrication, or it could also be caused by a reaction to the product.

To make sure that you are using products suitable to your skin, test new skin care products you purchase for a few days to see if you’ll have an adverse reaction to them. A common way to test would be placing the product under your arm for a day or so to see if you’ll have a reaction. If any negative reaction is experienced stop using the product immediately. If you have sensitive skin, you need to buy a real natural shave cream and a moisturizer that’s going to cause the smallest reaction possible.

Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream by Face Skin Care was designed for individuals with sensitive skin. When you shave with Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream, you are left with smooth, kissable skin, free of facial hair and free of the side effects most commonly associated with shaving. It is formulated with Lidocaine to reduce redness and irritation associated with shaving, diminish razor bumps, ingrown hair, and dramatically decrease the burning and stinging sensations associated with shaving. Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream by Face Skin Care soothes and desensitizes the skin while softening the hair for a closer shave with less drag.

Shaving Cream with Lidocaine

The added benefit of Lidocaine significantly decreases the pain associated with shaving, leading to a more comfortable shave especially for those with sensitive skin.

So if you are looking to improve the quality of your shave and eliminate the side effects and pain associated with shaving, try Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream by Face Skin Care. You are worth the investment.

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