Face Skin Care Shaving Tip: Get Ready for Bikini Season

Face Skin Care Shaving Tip: Get Ready for Bikini Season

The sun is shining, the sky is clear and the air is crisp. The bikinis are purchased and the sun block is on. Everything is going smoothly until you notice something, well, not so smooth—your bikini line.

Getting a close shave in the bikini zone can be a win lose situation. Yes, you’ve removed the hair, but unsightly razor bumps quickly appear. While this can be a sensitive area to shave, there is no need for using chemicals (Nair) or hot wax to remove the hair. The same ingredients that makes Face Skin Care’s Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream good for men’s sensitive skin also makes it ideal for women, too.

Here are a few tips to give you a smooth, beach ready, shave.

  • Step 1: As with any shaving, it is important to prep the skin before shaving. With the bikini line, the skin is thin, making it more susceptible to razor bumps and irritation. So, before you shave, trim the hair and exfoliate with a gentle scrub.
  • Step 2: After you exfoliate, rinse the skin. It is important to pick out a good razor with a lubrication strip (usually any Venus brand razor works just fine). Next, apply a thin layer of Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream by Skin Care by Face to soften the skin and provide lubrication for shaving.When you start to shave, people will tell you to shave with the grain, however, when it comes to the bikini line, shaving with the grain will hardly remove any hair at all. I would still recommend trying to shave with the grain, and then shave side to side to get even closer without going against the grain.
  • Step 3: When you have completed shaving, it is important to treat the area. Exfoliate the skin one more time to reduce ingrown hairs. Then, apply either lotion or baby powder. For some people, baby powder works well to dry the area to avoid friction and irritation, while lotion can help reduce razor burn for others.

You don’t need to buy wider bikini bottoms to hide razor burn anymore. With the help of Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream and these shaving tips, you can go out feeling confident in your skin!

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